Zimply Innovation

Zimply provides digital assistants to help you get rid of monotonous and repetitive tasks using Robotic Process Automation and Intelligemt Automation.

Zimply solves a clear problem: each process that is not well optimized can cost a company millions per year. This money and talent could be allocated to more critical game-changing work.

Layke Analytics

Recruiters spend almost 50% of their time screening and sourcing candidates. Layke enables operational efficiency by automating that process.

Layke redefines the process of candidate screening and matching in a data-driven environment. By using the latest technology in AI and machine learning, Layke learns how to automatically match candidates to jobs.


Heimat offers a platform that enables you to interpret energy invoices automatically to reduce manual input.

The platform is capable of finding entities on dense text documents. The interpreter makes it easy to find persons of interest, important paragraphs, or important dates with lightning speed.

Violet AI Lab

Violet AI Lab is our Machine Learning and product research hub where we have the knowledge and culture to realize ideas and business ventures through AI.

We help both internal and external cleints with everything needed to go from research to business case to actual production and follow up iterations of systems and models.